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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Feeldoe Sexperience Begins...

The Tantus Feeldoe is a double ended dildo that is used for sexual play between two women or a woman and a man. It is unique because it is asymmetrical and allows the wearer to use it without a harness. One end is inserted into the woman, and she clamps down on her pelvic muscles to hold it in place. Then it looks as if she actually has a male member, and she can thrust away as if she had a regular dildo with a harness. But where a regular harness setup fails, the feeldoe succeeds! Since part of the feeldoe is inside of her, and since her lips are spread out on each side of the shaft and her special spot is pressed right against the top of the shaft, she gets a whole ton of pleasure when using the toy.

The feeldoe is awesome. It lets a woman do another woman or man just like a man would! She'll find that she has to hold on tight, though, or else it will slip out of her. So, it is great for toning up the pelvic muscles (which makes for batter love making anyway).


Anonymous said...

Hope you continue your explorations. Many have found they need a bit of help with the feeldoe. Take a look through some of the links at the feeldoe yahoo group.

I'll be putting a link there to your blog if that's ok. If not, let me know and I'll remove it.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I have yet to officially christen my Feeldoe with a pegging, but so far I love it as a f2f toy. I didn't find any problems with keeping it in place but, I suspect where I was using it was slightly more used to that kind of action than where you were!

And I can't believe you left it at home!!!


kinked boy said...

The Mrs and i had a similar experience regarding the feeldoe slipping out.A great experience none the less and with a bit of patience and practice things will work out just fine.We to have a standard feeldoe,but i find i'm wanting something a little larger as our harness strap-ons are larger and the fuller feeling is what i like.Well happy times ahead for us all and i shall keep posted.

Giles English said...

So, what happened next?